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Liberty Craft House Leads Country in Ground-Breaking Nitro Coffee

Coffee drinking friends, there is a new brew in town and you've got to try it.

Nitro coffee is getting some buzz right now as a cold-brewed coffee that is served from a keg. As a coffee fan (My french press is the first thing I pack in my suitcase when I travel), I was pretty excited to try it. So when I heard that Liberty Craft House was serving it in their ultra-cool tap system (more about THAT here), I decided to try it over Arts Festival weekend. And, oh my word. I usually dose my coffee liberally with cream and sugar, but this glass of coffee with a head of foam on it like a Guiness was so smooth and creamy that it didn't need anything added to it.

I reached out to J.P. Mills of Dante's Restaurants and Nightlife for more on the story of nitro coffee, and found out that Liberty Craft House was one of the first venues in the nation to offer this ground-breaking brew.

Here's what you need to know:

Nitrogen gives the coffee a creamy smooth taste

Mills: We keg a cold brewed coffee and gently pressurize it to preserve the fresh coffee aroma and flavor in the keg. When each cup of coffee is poured from the keg, it passes through a device that instantly infuses the liquid with nitrogen and it passes through a stout beer faucet that has an integrated restrictor disc, through which the coffee is forced. The restrictor disc breaks some of the nitrogen out of the coffee, and creates the distinctive cascading effect (similar to what you see in dry Irish stouts like Guinness).

The taste is like no other.  Our Liberty Nitro Coffee is perfectly balanced and extremely smooth.  The nitrogen adds a fantastic creamy mouth-feel. Cold brewed coffee leaves behind many of the bitter oils and biting fatty acids that are found in traditional high temperature brewed coffee. Thus, many people that add sugar and cream to their coffee love our brew [just the way it is]. 

The beans are locally roasted and cold brewed

Mills: We work with our friends at Standing Stone Coffee in Huntingdon, PA. They roast a specialized selection and blend of beans for us that is unique to our coffee.

During the cold brew process, coffee beans are never exposed to high temperature (which can release undesirable flavor elements). The coffee is steeped at cool temperatures for about 24 hours.

Liberty Craft House is one of the first in the country to offer this brew

Mills: While doing research and designing our unique state of the art draft system for Liberty, I was working with and talking to a friend who is in the business and he was working on a patent pending design at the time for serving a true nitrogonized coffee, not just some keg ran through a beer tap. When we were working on the design of the overall draft system for all of the things I wanted to pour on draft at Liberty…. (cask beer, draft beer, nitroginized beer, wine, cocktails, craft soda)… he offered to install one of his first systems in the country. We were thrilled at the opportunity.

So what are you waiting for? Sit in their outside patio, inside in their Prohibition-era appointed seating area, or order a coffee in one of their earth-friendly organic cups. Try it, and comment on this story to let us know what you think.